Newsletter Project.

We have received the following photographs from Christine Goodey for the Newsletter General Projects section 3.

Mote Park. A view across the lake to the swan boats. (10th July)
Sissinghurst Castle Garden. The view through the arch at the bottom of the famous tower and into the orchard. (9th September)

Virtual Show Entry 3

Class 32 Three Stems, Cluster Roses.
Class 34 One stem, cluster rose.
Class 37 One vase Annuals or Biennials – “Cosmos Dazzler”.

Class One Vase Herbaceous Perennials – “Pentstemons”
Class 43 One vase, 3 Fuchsia stems or sprays.
Class 59 One item made from yarn.
Class 63 Photograph “Isn’t It Lovely”.

Virtual Show Entry 1

As with the real show the entry is anonymous at the moment.

Class 18. Longest stick of rhubarb
Class 40 Pot plant in bloom.
Class 42 Pot grown fuchsia.
Class 42 One pot succulent.
Class 61 My hobby – Painting of a water lily.
Class 63 Photography – “Isn’t it lovely” – Tortoiseshell butterfly.

Members’ Garden 2

Following our call for members to send pictures and news of their gardens Christine Goodey has sent these beautiful images from her garden.


View of the patio –  late March.  In the foreground are our little “family” of animals. I am particularly fond of Pedro the donkey who has been carrying flowers for me in Spring, Summer and Autumn for about 40 years.


Rosa Xanthina “Canary Bird”. This rose is unusual because it flowers in April once, but for about 3 weeks and has a lovely lemon scent.      I have shown it in our Spring show more than once.


Rosa “Red Devil” – early June. This is an excellent Hybrid Tea rose and has won many prizes.


Rosa “Lady of Shallot” – early June.  An English Rose bred by David Austin.  It is never out of flower from June to December.


Rosa “Rhapsody in Blue” and Ox-Eye daisies – early June.


Delphinium “Min” – late June.  Supplied by Blackmore and Langdon of Bristol as a rooted cutting about 15 years ago. This plant has won prizes several times in our Summer Show. Total height of the spike and stalk is 6ft.

A Small Space And A Magazine!

In the early days of “lockdown” one of our members received a magazine with a free selection of seeds.  A small space where there used to be a scruffy lawn and a few containers later they have a wide variety of vegetables to supplement the rhubarb, potatoes, courgettes and beans that they usually grow.  DSCN3458 (800x600) In this area are sprouts, leeks, swedes, beetroots, cauliflowers, fennel and kohl rabi.

Three varieties of lettuce plus chard, rocket and mizuna have kept them fully supplied with salad greens since May.  All this for the price of a magazine. Bargain!