Things To Do In August.

  1. Deadhead flowering plants regularly.
  2. Watering, particularly containers and new plants.
  3. Harvest vegetables as they become ready.
  4. Feed the soil with green manures.

Things To Do In July

  • Clear algae, blanket weed and debris from ponds.
  • Give lawn a quick acting summer feed.
  • Pick courgettes before they become marrows.
  • Treat apple scab.

Encouraging Spring Show

The Society held a very successful Spring Show today.  The number of visitors was up as was the number of exhibitors. Despite unforgiving spring weather there were plenty of flowers on show including some excellent daffodils.  The cookery attracted an increase in entries, while the floral art was up to its usual high standard.  Top prize money winners were P. Grimes £12.50, D. Woodcock £11, B. Robinson £11.


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