Newsletter Project

We have received the following from Christine Goodey for the Newsletter Project 3 – “Out And About”.

An ancient Oak Tree.
This is a very fine, huge, unusually symmetrical specimen and is to be found in the lower field of Bearsted Woodland Trust land . It is thought to be over 700 years old!
The same ancient oak tree – looking up through the tracery of branches.
A horse carved from a dead oak tree trunk with the ancient tree in the background. This area is known as the horse field because it was used by a riding stable.

Newsletter Project.

We have received the following photographs from Christine Goodey for the Newsletter General Projects section 3.

Mote Park. A view across the lake to the swan boats. (10th July)
Sissinghurst Castle Garden. The view through the arch at the bottom of the famous tower and into the orchard. (9th September)

Virtual Show Entry 3

Class 32 Three Stems, Cluster Roses.
Class 34 One stem, cluster rose.
Class 37 One vase Annuals or Biennials – “Cosmos Dazzler”.

Class One Vase Herbaceous Perennials – “Pentstemons”
Class 43 One vase, 3 Fuchsia stems or sprays.
Class 59 One item made from yarn.
Class 63 Photograph “Isn’t It Lovely”.

Virtual Show Entry 1

As with the real show the entry is anonymous at the moment.

Class 18. Longest stick of rhubarb
Class 40 Pot plant in bloom.
Class 42 Pot grown fuchsia.
Class 42 One pot succulent.
Class 61 My hobby – Painting of a water lily.
Class 63 Photography – “Isn’t it lovely” – Tortoiseshell butterfly.